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Saturday, May 22, 2010

An instance at Lincoln City Library - Nebraska

Dear Board Member and Library Director,

This is my second try to bring a constant event to your attention. I will request a formal reply to my message since the last time I emailed my concern, there isn't a reply and, apparently, things haven't changed.

Here's the most recent event that finally prompts my action today:

In the afternoon of May 22, 2010, I went to Gere Library to request a correction to my record on 3 books that were mistakenly marked as late return - I returned those books on time on May 15, 2010. I was confronted by a librarian who refused to correct the record even after I presented my record and reasoning with her. At the time, I was furious but mistakenly agreed that next time I will return my borrowed book to the counter to check-in. I then left the library and went to do my errands. Later that day, I decided to fight for the situation. I went back to the Gere library and intended to talk to that same librarian and to clarify if the refusing to correct the record is her decision or if she is dictated by a policy. Well, fate had it, I didn't see her on the counter and I end up talked to another librarian. I told her that I got 3 books that is mistakenly recorded as late return and will like to see if she can correct it. But I also told her that she don't have to do it if there is a policy against it because I have been reject by another librarian. But she seem do not have any trouble correcting the records.

At this point, I am asking a formal reply that detailed the policy the library established about correcting the late-returning records and any guide line related to the event.

Personally, I am fed up with the situation and here's the journey that lead me to ask for a formal response:

Starting about 5 or more years ago, I begin to keep records on books I returned. The reason I started tracking is because the city library had made so many mistakes and I have to went to the front desk so many times to present my case without a piece of records and I can feel that, from time to time, libarian will show their attitudes. One time, one of the librarian turn the screen to show me how many late returning records I have made. At the time, I felt like to shout back that almost all of the records are due to library's mistake.

How do I know that? My family had a routine to check online books that need be returned on Saturday morning. My policy is to renew all books that will be due before the next Saturday.

After I begin my records, I can 100% sure that library do make mistakes a lot. Admitedly, there are few instances that we did returned books late. But none of them, we can't prove from our records and we always paid those fine.

At last, I like you to know that I understand why librarian could suspect my honosty and I understand that it's not totally their fault since all those late returning records are kept. But I like to point out that in my case, they shouldn't. Since I start kept records, I will present to the libarian a printed copy of the circulation web page that show the date of print and our written in comments on returned items. The comments usually include the date the item is returned and, for computer games, the number of CD and the manual or guide included - we have been accused of losing manual too. The attached picture is what I presented to the librarian on May 22, 2010 and I believe any reasonable person will agree that is a reasonable prove. Will you print a copy of the return list and intentionally return the items late? How about other items the due on the same day and were not recorded being late?

At this point, I also like to point out that I will not accept the remification that I should returned my books through the front desk. Why should I? Just because I kept a better record than other citizen and was able to pin-point library's mistakes? I don't think so! Besides, what if I need to leave town on Saturday and have to return the book on late Friday night?

I also like to mention that I talked to my friends in the past and they all have similar feelings, the differences is that they are not as regular as I am and did not keep as a good record as I am to be confident enough to establish their case.

Remember, I am waiting for your formal reply.

Sincerely yours,

Duncan Hsu

Legal citizen on the City of Lincoln
of Nebraska


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